With a clear and strategic understanding of our clients’ corporate culture and insight into their vision, comes successful collaborations and partnerships. We intentionally work with a select number of clients so we can anticipate their needs and operate seamlessly. Bringing talent who are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and helping build synergistic and compelling management, merchandising, and creative teams is a goal we at ginger finds constantly strive for.


Ginger is a former retailer, strategic planner, and president of a wholesale and manufacturing company. Her professional passion is in trend-intensive businesses committed to inherent quality, a vibrant aesthetic, authenticity and commitment to community. Ginger has been a Co-Creative Director of Dubai Fashion Week, has covered Fashion Segments for News Corp, co-hosted a weekly radio show on lifestyle, and speaks globally on the roles of women in leadership, as well as the most compelling brand–YOU. She has been on the board of ICE, City-as-School, and has been Principal for a Day in NYC numerous times. Ginger is currently writing her first book “Trend-Sense” which is tomorrow’s compelling tool for insight on navigating the next evolution of business and personal wins.

contact: ginger@gingerfinds.com

recruiters, researchers, finders and advisors:

The team that makes up the Talent Lab at ginger finds is a combination of seasoned retail and media executives such as Gina, Rebecca, Robert and Anne and young, eager, trend-focused, research-driven entrepreneurs like Olivia, Meagan, Annika, and Laurence. Our recruiters fully grasp the nuances of the retail, trend, PR and media businesses because most of them were leaders in like industries as Presidents, SVPs, Marketers, Merchants, Creative Directors, Ecomm gurus, and Designers.

Our advisors are an eclectic global mix of genius. Each has bent the rules and surpassed every expectation in their industry. Think Apple’s Genius Bar, Tiffany’s Blue Box and Hearst. Lives of NYC school kids have been changed by one of our advisors. One seeks the truth with Honest Ads, another fights in Washington for all to stay healthy and blesses us with her bestsellers biannually. A former French journalist, brings her wisdom to US-based conglomerates. A Brit keeps the pulse on all elements of change management. Branding will never be the same because of one of our advisors and now neither will the PR industry. Others are pursuing doctorates while lecturing on innovation; pursuing trends so we’re kept on the pulse of what’s happening; pursuing and sharing their experiences in brand building in fashion and retail.

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