3 February, 2016

Jessica Wolf – Bon vivant and founder of Vivonne
Intrigued by the unique social environment of 17th Century salons, Jessica Wolf set out to recreate the eclectic and lavish environment with a community of modern individuals. Vivonne offers a social dining experience accented with artistic performance, cerebral conversation, and culinary delights. August’s dinner features Roberta’s pizza and artist Nick Onken for and Italian feast at the iconic Astor building on the Upper West Side. Jessica is re-imagining the private dinner soiree, elevating the traditional dining experience an re-invigorating the intellectual gathering. Though membership is very selective, you may apply online at

A bit about Jessica:
Jessica graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in Art History and Creative Writing, with a focus in Roman & Greek Mythology. Within a mere 4 years she founded the Dartmouth Food Truck, The Box, and landed her Sorority on probation for executing a series of wild and inventive soirees. Her summers were spent managing restaurants, leading the Sephora campaign for Laura Mercier, creating an artist studio program in Harlem, and evaluating art for Simon Dickinson.

Jessica has a history of hosting events, cooking within her own home and providing intimate dining experiences for small groups of friends and family. Inspired by the success of her hobby and her ambitions to be the most galliant salon host of the 21st century, she decided to open her supper club to the greater public. Vivonne was born. Visit

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The Brave Collection

20 January, 2016

Jessica Hendricks – philanthropist and founder of Brave
“The first thing to do, my love,” Diane Vreeland famously said “is to arrange to be born in Paris.” Jessica Hendricks has accomplished that almost impossible task demanded by Mrs. Vreeland. Born into a family of entrepreneurs in Paris she has taken over the family business in her own way starting her own venture titled The Brave Collection.

The Brave Collection was started as a way to give back to the artisans of Cambodia. While still a student at NYU Jessica spent time in South East Asia teaching English. During her time in Cambodia she took in a variety of different sights from the legendary Temple of Angkor Wat to the street life that haunted the streets. The sight of young girls who wait outside restaurants for their next “customer” was a sight Jessica wasn’t familiar with. The more time she spent in Cambodia the more she learned about the countries gruesome past.

Less than 50 years ago Cambodia suffered a horrific genocide that whipped out a large portion of their population, including 90% of the artisans that worked there. When Jessica returned home she couldn’t shake the thought of the civilians that she spent time teaching and how drastically different their way of living was from our own. She almost immediately picked up Nicholas Kristof’s book, Half the Sky. Learning more about the ways of the Eastern civilizations and of the strong woman who fought against the toughest circumstances to stay a float in a brutal world.

While in Cambodia Jessica wanted to find a fair trade artisanal community but found it somewhat difficult. Most of the fair trade communities are run by non-profits funded by religious groups in the west. The non-profit groups main goals were more about getting women off the street than creating a sustainable business model. After a constant search Jessica stumbled upon a small group run by Cambodians. Though it was a bare bone company with limited design idea’s Jessica was determined to make it work.

The Brave Collection is dedicated to the brave women who fight every day for something. Jessica has given the women of Cambodia a place to go to work on crafting and creating. Having almost all of the artisans wiped out during the genocide, The Brave Collection is giving birth to is a new generation of artisans. Many of the artisans working for The Brave Collection do not come from a background in as a craftsman. By working on The Brave Collection they have been able to develop and discover their creative talents.

Jessica Hendricks has just fewer than thirty artisans working for her in Cambodia. She communicates with them weekly with her ideas on new designs all that are inspired by the artisans that handcraft each piece of The Brave Collection. If you go to the website, you will find several collections such as brave bracelet, cobra, metallic, and limitless collection. The talismans are made of either brass or silver and have two designs. Visit The Brave Collection

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