We are strategic. Longevity with our meticulously edited client base is a clearly defined mission. It speaks to the drive, dedication and deep insight into our clients’ DNA and a concise understanding of a culture fit that will empower and enrich both candidate and client.

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We have dealt with lots of recruiters over the years and our experience with Ginger has been beyond what we ever expected. I can’t recommend her enough.

Steven Alan
President, Steven Alan

Ginger is the go-to person for all your fashion needs…from creatives to marketing execs to ceo’s. She searches and finds the best; stays involved and truly cares. Her energy and enthusiasm is beyond contagious. I’ve always said you should only work with people who are nice.

Fern Mallis
Fashion Executive

Ginger is a rare combination of brains and heart. Her deep industry knowledge allows her to understand the complexities and nuances of a search while her profound emotional intellect enables her to connect with a candidate in a meaningful and lasting way.

Catherine Moellering
President, Ricky’s

Ginger just “gets” it; from skill set to emotional intelligence to cultural fit, Ginger understands talent like none other. Her enthusiasm for clients and candidates alike is contagious. She is a remarkable force.

Suzy Korb
CMO, Toms

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